Business challenge: Build a software suite to help the Boeing Commercial Aviation Services (CAS) sales force give airline customers a better understanding of  the value of CAS products and service offerings.

Taking the Time to Understand the Customer

Boeing’s CAS (Commercial Airline Services) division has a philosophy of customer relations that all its employees need to understand. It’s called “The Customer Engagement Process” and its pretty simple: Serving your customer effectively begins with a thorough understanding of their needs and establishing a long-term relationship.

The ValSim interface is modeled closely on the Customer Engagement Process. Making use of fleet data, aviation process models, discrete event simulation, and valuation models, ValSim helps CAS sales reps:

  • Work with the customer to create an Aviation Process Model (APM) that accurately depicts his business organization, and shows him where Boeing solutions and his corporate functions intersect.
  • Produce a persuasive business case for adopting Boeing solutions.
  • Show the customer visualizations and simulations to demonstrate how flight disruptions can be reduced by implementing Boeing solutions.
At Boeing Vancouver, we're proud of the central role we've played in developing this innovative consultative tool and we believe our own agile and customer-centric approach was a key element in the success of the solution.