Business challenge: Even with the advent of electronic data and document-management systems, the time required to create and manage maintenance information, which includes structural repair, maintenance program and compliance records, parts information, engineering documents, and task cards, may be a significant drain on an airline's resources. The challenge for Boeing, and for AeroInfo, was to create a tool that introduced major efficiencies in this area.

The Toolbox Solution

Maintenance Performance Toolbox was developed to help customers manage and customize the digital maintenance and repair data needed for comprehensive aviation maintenance. The overall intent of the software is to improve fleet utilization and reduce associated maintenance-management costs.

Boeing Vancouver’s domain knowledge in aviation-maintenance software, and our experience in managing large-scale software projects made us a perfect fit for Toolbox design and development. Ultimately, the development and sustainment of the entire suite of non-787 modules became one of Boeing Vancouver's major areas of focus. We've developed advanced data-mining and search capabilities, and reduced the time required to access and use maintenance information. 

Toolox is a continuously improving set of tools that provides maintenance-management functionality that truly optimizes maintenance operations.

In fact, we've never stopped improving Toolbox. Last year, we developed "Toolbox in the Cloud" to support non-Boeing aircraft models with a scalable, cost-effective solution that will used to support Boeing’s first full-fleet service offering.