Supplier Quality Information System (SQIS)

Business challenge: Designing and developing a complex enterprise system for Boeing's Supplier Quality organization that replaces five core legacy systems and interfaces with more than 30 non-conformance legacy systems.

Supplier Quality: A Core Boeing Enterprise

The Boeing Company relies on thousands of suppliers around the world to produce parts and supplies for assembling their fleets. Making sure that the quality of all parts and services meets exacting standards is key to maintaining the company's core business and reputation. Boeing's Supplier Quality organization needed an integrated system of supplier information that facilitates and supports their workflows and processes.

The Boeing Vancouver project team closely reviewed the existing IT systems and worked with the company to determine the new requirements. The next step was analysing business needs and re-engineering existing processes and workflows to match the new system requirements.

The result was Boeing's Supplier Quality Information System, built from the ground up using both domestic and offshore resources. This system now interfaces with nearly 30 different non-conformance informational systems around the U.S. to ensure Boeing's quality standards are consistently met.

Managing  "Blended Team" Development 

Despite the complexity and volume of work involved, schedule disruptions have been avoided using blended teams that combined the talents of on- and off-shore developers. Development and testing are performed collaboratively with a multi-national offshore IT company well known for high quality off-shore development work. The Boeing Vancouver team continues to manage the staged development of the project, performing design and business analysis, working closely with the offshore company, who provide additional manpower in all development areas.

Training Crucial to Program Success

Boeing Vancouver also developed and delivered the training required for thousands of employees and suppliers to use the new Supplier Quality Information System and the underlying re-engineered business processes, enabling them to do their jobs more effectively using a lean, streamlined approach.