Business challenge: To let airlines focus more on their customers and the core business of flying, and less on the complex and resource-intensive job of managing and planning fleet maintenance and parts support.

Situational Awareness Dashboard

GoldCare as a service provides comprehensive support to customer fleets, performing maintenance, planning, engineering and parts support, tracking airplane condition and configuration and guaranteeing airplane schedule reliability — all within a predictable, per-flight-hour cost.

Boeing Vancouver helped Boeing CAS design and develop the "dashboard" software that transforms airplane-movement data from many customers into a single-screen display to support the GoldCare planners stationed at the 24x7 GoldCare Operations Center.

The dashboard, called Situational Awareness, graphically captures actual, real-time flight and maintenance event data in a single-screen dashboard interface, instantly alerting planners to potential and actual disruptions to flight and maintenance schedules, while showing current aircraft utilization, where each plane is at any given time, and where it needs to be for planned maintenance events. The dashboard provides a compact visual overview of the operational status of the fleet, including upcoming scheduled maintenance, flights, and the real-time status of the aircraft (on the ground, delayed, any alerts, etc.).

Performance Metrics Software

Boeing Vancouver was integrally involved in the development of Performance Metrics, a web-based application to monitor and analyze GoldCare fleet performance to ensure it's on target, as well as to assess both MRO and airline performance, and GoldCare performance against the industry.

Performance Metrics' view into the behavior of GoldCare services is presented in a series of Airline, Aircraft and MRO Performance Trend reports, Material Management reports that focus on part usage allocation and trend reports, MRO Reliability reports, and Job Card execution and usage trend reports. AeroInfo developers also came up with an Airline Metrics dashboard that contains visual summaries of Reliability and Performance metrics for individual MROs and customer airlines.

Initially developed for the 787 Dreamliner, GoldCare has been expanded to include the Next Generation 737 and 747-400.  We're very proud of our involvement in this extraordinary integrated offering from The Boeing Company that relieves airlines of  the burden of managing their aircraft resources — so they can focus instead on serving their customers better.