Business challenge: Providing engaging and cost-effective training on business and software process for a geographically dispersed learner audience.

Offering clients a customized eLearning solution

The Boeing Supplier Quality group had a major training hurdle to clear. How do you train thousands of people around the world to change the way they do business (revamped business processes) as well as the tool they use (new software system) to do that business both quickly and efficently? And, even more perplexing, how do you make that training interesting?

The significance of these changes required a completely customized training approach that goes way beyond traditional PowerPoint-based training delivered by classroom instructors. Boeing recognized that the most economical way to deliver training to a widely dispersed learns is via web-based eLearning. No instructor is necessary, and the modules can be downloaded from the Boeing learning portal from anywhere in the world.

Innovation and business knowledge produce a valuable tool

The Boeing Vancouver eLearning team worked closely with Supplier Quality business experts to provide a completely customized  eLearning solution. As a result, thousands of end users can learn their new processes from the comfort and convenience of their individual desktops, working at their own pace.

To keep the materials as engaging as possible, our team has created interactive, character-based eLearning modules with Flash-based animation, strong narrative design and arresting visuals.

Award-winning results

The end result? A prestigious Boeing Pride Award for the Boeing Vancouver Training team and thousands of satisfied learners. For more information on our Boeing Vancouver eLearning team, and the benefits they can bring to your organization, contact us.