Business challenge: To leverage proven techniques for optimizing performance, reliability and cost savings to defence organizations struggling with information technology and business challenges.

Developing solutions in uncharted territory

Boeing Vancouver teams have developed integrated information solutions for organizations in a variety of industry sectors. Our team members welcome the opportunity to bring their system integration and analytical expertise from the commercial business world to the more rigorously secure and confidential environment of security and defence.

Proven approach brings effective results

At Boeing Vancouver, we follow a time-tested approach when working with all of our defence clients. We start by developing a clear, comprehensive understanding of the business environment and its challenges. From this foundation, we work collaboratively with clients to help evolve their business thinking and deliver a solution that meets their needs.

In the case of defence, we adapt proven engagement methodologies developed for the commercial airline industry to help clients succeed in a Performance Based Logistics (PBL) framework. Our organizational flexibility has enabled us to manage and execute many these tasks using teams distributed throughout North America — a clear benefit to our clients.

We’re also successful at providing one-stop shopping for our defence clients, seamlessly packaging the end result with complementary Professional Services.

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