Veronica's Story


While completing my Masters of Management, Operations and Research at UBC, I worked on a Boeing-sponsored project as part of my program’s requirements. After finishing the project and graduating from UBC, I was hired at Boeing Vancouver to help pioneer the formation of the Advanced Analytics team.

Joining a company as part of a team that has yet to be created was scary—but I knew that it carried significant potential as well.

Now a manager of data scientists, I’ve come a long way since I was hired in 2012—and I can chart my personal growth alongside the growth of the Advanced Analytics program. In the last five years, I have helped Boeing Vancouver leverage its analytics capabilities for commercial use, and have fostered my team’s growth to around twenty-five members.

My day-to-day requires quick, critical thinking and a drive to tackle problems as they arise. At Boeing Vancouver, we get to solve really hard, challenging, relevant business problems. We’re in the business of making flying more efficient and enjoyable and reliable, and the solutions we’re creating have a positive, real-world impact.

This impact extends beyond the company’s software solutions: Boeing Vancouver is also active in community engagement, and I personally have been active in partnerships with UBC and SFU, as well as a multi-year collaboration with TEDxEastVan, and Women In Tech Week, and other charitable organizations such as Ronald McDonald House and Girls Fly Too.

Each day I come to work, I am surrounded by really smart, talented, motivated people who inspire me to do better. The bonus is they’re awesome people to hang out with too.