Edmond's Story


Since high school, I’ve always been interested in science and technology and I didn’t start my career with the target of being in management. In fact, my first job at Boeing Vancouver was a junior software development role, after graduating from SFU with a Joint Major in Business Administration and Computer Science.

I soon discovered that at Boeing Vancouver, I would be given the chance to mature within my areas of expertise, while also branching out to explore other skillsets. I was frequently encouraged to step outside my comfort zone, which put me on the path to honing my interpersonal skills. Along the way, I captured opportunities to become a team lead, and from there I rose to a leadership role.

Now I am a Project Manager—a role that requires a blend of technical knowledge and people skills. Recently, my responsibilities have included reinvigorating our collaborative culture by implementing new tools into the company’s infrastructure, helping to facilitate teamwork and open communication amongst employees.

I would list collaborating with truly talented people and taking on a wide variety of interesting projects as some of the great things that my position offers. At Boeing Vancouver, I’ve had room to grow, both on a personal and professional level.