Boeing Canada-AeroInfo Named One of British Columbia’s Top Employers

January 30, 2015

Richmond, B.C. – Boeing Canada-AeroInfo is proud to announce it has been selected as one of British Columbia’s Top Employers for 2015 by the editors of Canada’s Top 100 Employers. This prestigious recognition is based on an annual competition among organizations that lead their industries in offering exceptional places to work.

Employers are evaluated on physical workplace and work atmosphere, benefits, vacation and leave policies, employee communication, performance management, training and skills development and community involvement.

Boeing Canada-AeroInfo was selected as a BC Top Employer based on its career development programs, HR initiatives promoting employee work/life balance, contributions to retirement savings and extensive family-friendly benefits.

Specifically cited were a variety of financial benefits, including year-end bonuses, signing bonuses and new employee referral bonuses (to $1,000), matching RRSP contributions, parental leave top-up payments (to 90% of salary for 27 weeks), in-vitro fertilization subsidy (to $15,000), recreational and fitness subsidy ($600 per annum), in-house and online training programs, and professional accreditation and tuition subsidies. Also noted were many workplace amenities (television, video games, foosball and massage chairs), great career opportunities (in-house and worldwide) through the Seattle-based Boeing Company, and a career-management and mentoring program for all employees.

Bob Cantwell, CEO and President, is honored by the recognition. He highlights the importance that the job itself offers as an attraction for employees. “The things we build here are pretty cool and impactful. The systems we develop are used by hundreds of airlines every day. If the systems we build didn’t work, the airlines wouldn’t be able to fly.”

HR Director, Cindy Theriault, also highlights the exciting nature of the work opportunities offered to employees: “The secret to our success is we have the creative minds and technical capability to innovate and create world-changing programs. Vancouver is becoming well-known for its technical talent and we have to stay on-the-ball with what we offer, and our benefits package is a truly competitive and compelling offering. In the last few years, it’s helped us double in size.”

But it’s not all been just about the work. Theriault goes on to say, “We try to make sure that every employee has the support they need to be successful and rewarded by that work, whether it’s through extensive family-friendly benefits package or engagement programs that involve everyone in the company’s success.”

A full listing of all 60 of BC’s Top Employers is featured online in the BC section of Canada’s Top 100 Employers and in a special supplement in the Vancouver Sun on January 30, 2015.