Leveraging Commercial/Defence Synergy

Boeing Vancouver actively works across both the Commercial Aviation Services and Defense, Space and Security organizations of Boeing.

For almost twenty years, we've worked with the Commercial Aviation Services (CAS) division of Boeing, we've provided the world's commercial airlines with tools that make airline operation management more efficient and profitable, and support fleet maintenance and engineering activities.

We've leveraged this considerable aerospace expertise, applying it to a variety of military programs for Boeing's Defense, Space and Security organizations. Depot maintenance is a good example of such a program. Historically, this function has been performed by military personnel, but now both commercial operations and outsourcing are taking it on. By leveraging an application we had previously developed for Boeing CAS, we quickly developed a Task Package Manager as a part of a toolset that optimizes depot-planning activities.

Performance-Based Logistics

Canada’s Department of National Defence (DND) has received delivery from Boeing of many new CH-147F Medium-to-Heavy-Lift Helicopters (MHLH), designed to move medium to heavy-sized loads of equipment and people during domestic and overseas missions.

Included with the helicopter delivery, Boeing provides in-service support to the MHLH fleet for the next 20 years under a Performance-Based Logistics contract. Since the contract was awarded to Boeing back in 2009, Boeing Vancouver has been hard at work on an innovative collaborative-information environment that is a crucial element in providing that support.

As part of Boeing’s Electronic Information Environment team for the MHLH support program, Boeing Vancouver built the Performance Measurement System and configured the Message Broker. Boeing Vancouver also developed PBL iceCloud to host the Performance Measurement System and calculate all contractual performance metrics for Boeing and the DND.

Boeing Vancouver is proud of its role in helping to develop a world-class in-service support program that will manage the MHLH fleet’s overall performance while reducing overall lifecycle cost.