Solutions Delivery

Over the past three decades, Boeing Vancouver has built an international reputation as a developer of innovative solutions that facilitate fleet maintenance and engineering (M&E) activities. Our software solutions increase fleet-management efficiency and airline profits by reducing maintenance costs and improving aircraft reliability and availability.

A good example of our M&E design and development work is Boeing’s Maintenance Performance Toolbox, a powerful, multi-module aviation-maintenance toolset. Among its many other functions, Toolbox enables the efficient management of the enormous volumes of data associated with aircraft maintenance, regulatory compliance and repair activities.

Other solution-development areas include Boeing's GoldCare maintenance-management solution, Supply Chain Optimization (Supplier Quality’s SQIS), Data Processing and Conversion (Toolbox Factory), and many professional consulting tools used to help airlines operate more efficiently.

Developing Software Solutions for the Digital Airline

Boeing Vancouver has been a part of Boeing Commercial Airline Services (CAS) since its acquisition as a Boeing wholly owned subsidiary in 2000. In 2012, while remaining a part of CAS, Boeing Vancouver joined Boeing’s Digital Aviation team. Now, as a key Digital Aviation team player, Boeing Vancouver develops and delivers tools that help airlines respond to the changing digital world of aviation today.

Today’s commercial aviation industry faces challenges from increasing competition, rising costs, aging infrastructure and multiple layers of regulation. Add the complexity and potential value of today’s data-rich aircraft, and it becomes clear why airlines increasingly seek information-based solutions to gain greater operational efficiencies and new ways to offer value to their customers.

Digital Airline solutions tie together constantly-connected aircraft with industry-wide data sources via a secure platform that unites both legacy and modern information systems. In support of this initiative, we’re leveraging our successes in M&E applications while developing our capabilities and architecture practice in integration, analytics, mobile apps and cloud-delivery.

We’re committed to  working with our Boeing partners to build an integrated information platform and the software tools that let airlines connect their operations and create efficiencies that will bring their costs down—to make the world of aviation work smarter and faster.

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